200ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser ultrasonic air Humidifier


Product Name: Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Machine Humidifier

Fine atomized aromatherapy humidification: 2.45MHz high-frequency atomization function breaks down water and essential oil into fine particles, perfect release of essential oil active ingredients

Quiet design sleep without worry: working sound is less than 30 decibels, low noise, care for sleep at any time, fully hydrating cells, keep lasting moisture

Water and power failure protection: water and power failure protection, anti-dry, safe, worry-free, let you care more careless

Colorful LED lights: 6-8 million hours of LED lights, safe and environmentally friendly, healthy and energy-saving, soft and beautiful


Material: PP

Capacity: 200ml

Size: 100 × 143 mm

Weight: about 200 grams

Amount of fog: ~35 ml / hour

Power maximum: 11W

Output: DC5V 0.5A

Input: 100V-240V AC

Frequency: 2.4MHz

Noise: <35db(A)

Working time: 8h

Use area: ~10-40m2

Size: 110*110*190mm

Weight: 400g

Packing list:

1* humidifier

1* adapter

1* measuring cup

1* User Manual